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Rosemary Fossee is a Nashville based actor and singer with a love for the 1950s/60s and a penchant for highly stylized projects. Here you'll find her work as a solo artist, duets with Anana Kaye, and her work as an actor. 


She recently sang BGVs on a Norwegian Grammy Nominated Album, "Goodbye Yellow Roses," produced by Brett Stewart at WireBird Productions. In addition you can hear her on both "American Ninja Warrior" and "Queer Eye, We're In Japan."


She attributes her chameleon like vocals to her work in theatre, requiring constantly changing vocal styles to accommodate each project's needs. She has contributed bgvs, harmonies, TV sync vocals, demo vocals, and lead vocal to dozens of projects, including 3 new musical recordings. Her work spans genres and embraces diversity of style and origin. She is a fluent French speaker and can sing in multiple languages. She is known for her unique but adaptable vocal qualities and her ear for intriguing harmonies.

Lauded by New York Musical Theatre Festival as "Best Supporting Actress in a Musical," she has been working professionally as a singer and actor most of her life and had the honor of working under Nashville Notables, David Compton and Scot Copeland (Nashville Children's Theatre). 


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